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Each month we offer a fun Sports Boot Camp for kids that focuses on improving their skill level. Our goal is not to put kids through extreme workouts. We want the kids to have fun, but improve physically and mentally. Many kids have participated in our camps to better prepare them for their upcoming or current sports season. This is an excellent opportunity for your child to work with a former professional athlete that understands what can help a child improve. Our camp helps kids physically and mentally. We use a variety of techniques to improve their strength and endurance. There will be stretching, running, workout exercises, and agility drills. We will work on different aspects of the sport of focus with your child. If you want to improve your child's strength, stamina, coordination, and skill level give us a try. This is an excellent learning opportunity for kids that have not played a team sport and great for those kids that have played, but want to improve their skills. We look forward to working with your child.



Our 1 - on - 1 training is an excellent way to help your child improve physically and mentally. Our goal is not to simply put your child through a rigorous workout. Our goal is to improve their strength, stamina, mental toughness, and the area of concern in their sport. Many kids can become a lot better athletically if they are trained. Repetition is very important. If your child was having difficulty learning a particular subject in school you might consult a tutor. There is no difference in sports. Sometimes you need a sports tutor. The focus will only be on them. We have seen kids take tremendous strides from participating in our program. Again, we will be focusing on increasing their skill level, flexibilty, strength, agility, coordination, and cardiovascular endurance.We look forward to helping your child improve.

$50 per session
$150 one week – 3 days
$300 two weeks – 6 days
$450 three weeks – 9 days
$500 a month – 12 days



First, we would like to stress to the parents that our camps will be a fun learning experience. We think it is very important to make sure that the kids are having a great time while they are improving their skills at our camps. If you are looking to help your child improve their skill level, you should have them participate in this NFL Skills Camp. It will be led by former NFL player, Lance Brown! He will be helping every kid enhance their skills. There will be a focus on teaching the proper fundamentals and techniques of the game of football. We will be working to improve their hand-eye coordination, speed, running, knowledge of the game,  and confidence. We will also be teaching the kids the proper techniques of how to hit and tackle, which is very important in the game of football. If you have a child that is interested in the sport of football, they will not want to miss this camp.  

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